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WINGSHOOTING - The Art & Science Book + DVD



Bryan Bilinski, a seasoned, successful gunfitter and instructor in his renowned FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools, offers you all the benefits of his 45 plus years of hands-on teaching knowledge and expertise in this new comprehensive reference book focused on topics of utmost importance to bird hunters and clay target shooters alike.


The WINGSHOOTING METHODS section includes 31 chapters on subjects including Instinctive Wingshooting, The Ready Position, and how to follow through or Stay In Your Gun. The LOCK, STOCK, & BARREL section consists of 11 chapters covering virtually everything you need to know about shotguns including The Making of a Game Gun and a pro or con consideration of a Side-by-Side vs.Over & Under shotgun. WINGSHOOTING Miscellany covers subjects like The Hunting Trip from Hell and selecting a youngsters’ first shotgun. WHY WE MISS provides you with critical information and data on one of the most mysterious concerns of all wingshooters.


Full color, Hardcover book, 216 pages


Learn the advanced fundamentals and secrets to consistent, successful wingshooting and clay target shooting from this revolutionary instructional video by famed U.S. shooting instructor, Bryan Bilinski, of FIELDSPORT, Traverse City, MI. Your course journey includes: The theory of wingshooting and how to employ a plan of action for effectively hitting every clay target or game bird in flight. You’ll become aware of key elements and fundamentals including: • Proper Stance • Forward Posture • Ready Position • Swing and Proper Gun Mount • Hard Target Focus • Staying “In Your Gun” Also featured: How to shoot Crossing, Quartering and Incoming Targets Integrating these principles into your personal wingshooting technique will improve your success and enjoyment of the sport for years to come.


One hour, available in DVD, Streaming, and USB Drive formats


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