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Learn to be an Instinctive Wingshooter. This basic, two-hour, instructional video production offers a great learning venue and journey for beginner and expert wingshooter alike. You will enjoy learning by following along with (a much younger) Bryan Bilinski and Tom Huggler as they review the core elements of the tried and true FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Method.


Highlights also include:

• How to impact test your shotgun to test for gun fit

• How to properly measure your gun stock in detail

• Learn how a well fitted gun will enhance your percentage of hits on clay targets at the range and game birds on the wing

• Watch actual footage of Bryan and Tom hunting for pheasants, ruffed grouse and woodcock


The Art of SHOOTING FLYING will make you a better and more consistent wingshot, and it is a great compliment to the new video, WINGSHOOTING, The Art & Science.


Two hours, available in DVD, Streaming and USB Drive formats


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